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vintage barkcloth bulletin board

i’ve been getting really tired of piles of papers on every single surface in our house. homework, articles, recipes, ultrasound pics, unpaid bills…

my happy, sunny thursday solution?  $4 in homasote, $2 scrap of vintage barkcloth, a borrowed stapler (mine is lost in the jungle we call ‘the garage’) and only 20 minutes!

beautiful, functional and totally cheap bulletin board for our hallway.

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yoga for frankie

last week was really crazy for me and i missed out on the kcwc (kids clothes week challenge).  my friend jen (bits of envy) really went to town and made her daughter, violet, a lovely new fall wardrobe.  i decided that i could jump on board a week late!  i found some really fabulous pdf patterns on etsy by heidi & finn.  i started with the yoga pants / hooded jacket.  i had found a patty young polka dot remnant (flora & fauna) for $3 last year and i combined it with another patty young knit (sanctuary) i scored for 50% off at fabric depot. here is everything all cut out.

here is frankie in her new yoga outfit.

trying out a few poses…

also works great for the playground!


happy hunting!

when i was younger i worked in many a thrift & vintage store and loved being able to snag the good items up first.  now that i have three kids (and one on the way), its a bit more challenging to go into small thrift/vintage stores & peruse garage/estate sales, but i still love to try.  over the past two weeks i have explored some new places & some old haunts.

sarah & i (and her mom) had a great time exploring the hidden gems in salem. first up, a really cool, super large, retro shortening can (perfect for my kitchen!):

a vintage lid, for my collection.(.25)  this will look great in my bedroom or studio:

i am in love with this yellow lamp.  it was only $6.  i am on the hunt for the perfect shade now:

i had to go to eugene last monday.  i got to spend part of the day with my friend jen (bits of envy) and we hit one of my favorite places, the awesome st vincent’s.  i found a beautiful vintage necklace.  it looks great with my grayling earrings and was only $5.99!

i have been really watching my money lately and i was elated to find boots!!  here are the vintage charles david in two tone brown leather & suede. ($15)

an amazing black leather boot, made in italy! ($10)

yesterday, micah & i went to garage & estate sales in portland.  i found a kelly green wool scarf for half off ($2).  i can’t wait to wear it with my black wool coat & new black boots!

beautiful vintage bowl for our eggs.  half off too, so $7.

we also found a stainless toaster/convection oven for $20, a Tokyo Giants cap for $1(and three other baseball cap finds) and a red vintage metal chair for Frankie’s room for $5.  it was so nice to explore portland and have a quiet, lazy day (and inexpensive too!) together. happy hunting!

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fall is here

i’ve been a bit down lately and it was wonderful to see a post by my dear friend jen (check out her amazing & effortless creativity at bits of envy) that completely inspired me to stop being sad & embrace fall!  first, i made leaves out of brown paper bags & different lace.  i glued the lace to the bags and then used a template to cut them out.

i used three different styles & colors of lace.  i really like the combinations of textures.

next, i made flowers out of burlap, fabric scraps, vintage buttons & broken vintage earrings…and glued it all together.

here it is, hanging on the front door.

then i decided to make a table runner out of the remaining burlap.  i used the rest of the lace leaves and vintage mason jars.  the lids made perfect candle holders.  now i am off to help a friend paint & hopefully find the perfect branches to put in the jars!  thank you jen!