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Busy, busy bee…

So, since KCW finished up, i haven’t posted a damn thing.  I’ve been working like crazy on my next endeavor…Frankie & Coco PDX!  My dear friend Sarah and I have launched a new little shop, specializing in beautiful, yet quirky items for women (mainly).  We are inspired by color, texture, vintage details and organic elements. The merging of our two distinct styles adds something unexpected to our designs and everything is crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind; functional and beautiful, with a twist.  We really enjoy combining modern functionality with unique, vintage elements found on our frequent scavenger hunts…vintage zippers, buttons, fabric, etc.  It’s exciting to come across truly unique items and integrate them into our design vision.  So far the journey has been great, but the real Frankie & Coco keep it interesting.  Designing & sewing with a 3 and a 1 year old is challenging at best.

Here’s a sampling of the new wares.

f&c foldover ikat clutch

f&c infinity scarf

f&c foldover clutchf&c toiletry / cosmetic bagf&c voile infinity scarf


rug therapy

on new year’s day, i put away all the christmas decorations and cleaned the house furiously, ready to start 2013 with a fresh environment & perspective.  i  rearranged the front room, to better accommodate the really cool, giant mod bean bags the boys received for christmas.  it looked fantastic, although the room was screaming for a modern shag rug to complement the mid century look.  so, i started looking at rugs.  i must admit that it became a bit of an obsession, fueled even more by my lack of funds to purchase one.  while perusing pictures of rugs i could never afford, i stumbled upon a fantastic tutorial for making your own at xoelle.  and so it began…

i decided to make a 5′ x 5′ rug and purchased 2 pieces of 36″ x 60″ rug canvas on amazon for $13 each.  i needed about 100 cotton tees to make this rug and procured them all for free.  the rug on the tutorial was all one color and i wanted to have slightly different shades.  most of the tees were white or light in color, but i had a bunch of bright orange too.  first, i cut the ribbed collars, sleeves and hem off of all the shirts.  next, i dyed the tees in small batches, trying to group the tees by color.  i used idye by jacquard and was really pleased with the results.  for the lighter colored shirts, i used two different grays, gunmetal & silver gray. for the batch of bright orange shirts, i used the royal blue to create gray.  this batch was difficult and i ended up over-dyeing in silver gray to get the final color i wanted.  all in all, i ended up with a range of 5 different shades.  i then started on the arduous task of cutting all the dyed material into 1″ x 4″ strips.  i worked on it a few hours a day and it took several weeks.

dyed fabric

cutting strips

all the strips

finally, it was time to start actually making the rug.  i found a vintage rug hook for $1 and got to work!

rug hook

the first 5′ row took me an hour.  now, i can get a row done in 30 minutes.  with over 200 rows, it will take about 100 hours to complete the rug. here’s my progress so far…

first row

a few rows down

the back


25 rows and counting

i think it is going to look and feel amazing when it is finally done!  it’s very calming to work on and i am using it as my new form of therapy in 2013.  i’ll post a picture when it’s complete!

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the baby shower

this past weekend we hosted a baby shower for our friends who are having a sweet little boy in december. i had a great time making decorations, gifts and baked goods too! for the new baby i made a cute kimono wrap shirt & pants. i also made a dress for their daughter, to celebrate her becoming a big sister. (alas, i forgot to take pics)

for the decorations, i made some cream tissue poms, a polka dot paper garland and fabric bunting. i really enjoyed making the bunting…i used a variety of fabrics (polka dots, solids, owl print, etc), cut out triangles, roll hemmed the edges and zig zag stitched them together with bias tape.



i had wanted to make a trio of fruit tarts, but my plums didn’t ripen in time. instead i made a rectangular apple hazelnut tart and cut out a mini paper bunting for it. i also made a pear frangipane tart. it turned out really nicely! all in all, it was a lovely celebration and i think our friends really enjoyed their special day!



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making valentines

ethan & aidan wanted to make valentines for their classmates.  i have been seeing lots of cool paint chip ideas (mobiles, tags, etc…) on pinterest and thought they would be perfect for valentines.  we used a martha stewart heart craft punch that i picked up at a really great local craft shop, collage.paint chipscolorful paint chip heartsaidan decided to use the punched out hearts in different colors, so we cut cards out of white & brown paper and he decorated them…i really love the ones that have the graduating colors.aidan's finished valentinesfinished cardethan decided that he loved the negative space and cut the individual color strips and then punched a heart in it.  i think this looks pretty awesome & i love that it still looks like a paint chip.  he selected specific colors & color names for his friends.  he had to be a little careful since some of the names were a bit provocative…’loves first kiss’, ‘enchanted coach ride’ and my personal favorite ‘hunny pot purple’.paint chip valentinespaint chip valentines 2finished card 2


two little coats

months ago i started some coats for frankie and finally completed them. (thanks to my awesome friend jen, who came to visit a few weeks ago & nested with me!!)

for the first one i used a pattern from handmade beginnings by anna maria horner.  i decided that with a few simple adjustments it could also be reversible.  i love the bird print, the pieced hood & large vintage button.  frankie's jacket 1frankie's jacket detailit was really simple to make it reversible and i think the lining fabric by joel dewberry is lovely.frankie's jacket - reversiblefor the second coat i used a heidi & finn downloadable pattern from etsy.  i love her patterns…they are simple, modern and easily modified.  (i absolutely adore the modern cowl dress that i made for frankie too!)

i used a great goldenrod polka dot by riley blake and lotus by amy butler.  again, it was simple to make reversible and the vintage buttons look fantastic!sweet pea coat 1sweet pea coat detail 1sweet pea coat 2sweet pea coat detail


my herringbone cowl.

i am not a skilled knitter.  years ago, i learned the basics and made a dozen simple scarves for people.  i got really excited about knitting and started a more complicated project…unfortunately it took me five years to complete.  recently i saw a beautiful herringbone cowl on purl bee and decided that i would try to make it.  i had picked up several silk/wool skeins at the st. vincent’s in eugene (only $1 per skein!!) and i used a fabric depot 40% coupon to get the circular needles.  i had never knit in the round before and the stitch was new too.  i ended up making a few mistakes, but i feel like it turned out great & i am a much more relaxed knitter now.herringbone cowlherringbone cowl



my goodness, it’s been forever since i’ve posted!  life has been so very busy lately.  school projects, oya no kai’s auction, running after frankie and getting ready for our baby!  i am almost 36 weeks and it’s hard to believe that our little one will be here in less than a month.

my dear friend jen came to visit me a few weeks ago & we settled in for 4 days of sewing, crafting and catching up.  jen is one of the most creative people i know…check out her projects, ideas and her latest office re-design at creating bits of envy.

we sifted through piles of patterns/fabric and decided to make some clothes to fit the new baby in the fall.  she also encouraged me to complete my unfinished projects.  months ago i started several outfits for frankie and never finished them!

first up, a modern cowl dress for f.  i found the downloadable heidi & finn pattern on etsy.  i made a matching headband out of fabric scraps & vintage buttons.  jen finished the red velvet jacket i had cut out for christmas…it looks perfect with the stripes!striped modern cowl dressstripes headbandred velvet bolerored velvet bolero / vintage button detail

next we worked on some outfits for the baby.  i made a reversible jacket/dress out of vintage knit, red flannel and handmade bias tape.  jen pieced together an adorable dress out of the smallest fabric scraps EVER, using a patty young modkid pattern.dress 1dress detail 1dress 2the maya dressruffle detailfabric detail

we completed several other projects…i will take pictures & post soon!