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KCW / Spring 2013 / Days Four & Five

After three days of sewing for Frankie, I had to switch it up!  Aidan requested a hoodie for Day 4, but it ended up taking me two days to get it all done.  I downloaded the Urban Hoodie from Heidi & Finn, printed it out, pieced it together and started cutting!  Aidan picked out a rad vintage super vibrant knit (picked up at an estate sale) and a coordinating green, super soft knit for the lining (picked up at St Vincent’s for $1.99 years ago).  It turned out great and I really like the mismatched vintage buttons too! Aidan loves it.Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013

Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013

Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013

Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013

Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013

Urban Hoodie / KCW / Spring 2013


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KCW / Spring 2013 / Day Three

The KCW challenge is moving along.  I ended up cutting out a simple dress and getting it all finished in a little over an hour late last night.  I used another vintage pattern and a mod white & gold abstract vintage print.  I am absolutely loving the bow! Frankie and I went on an early morning walk and took some cute pics.  Mod Dress / KCW 2013






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Sebastapol necklace

Yesterday was a bit chilly. Not Portland chilly, but a stark contrast to the day before. We altered our perspective, ditched the river and spent the day exploring. We drove to the adorable town of Sebastapol and I found the most amazing necklace in a slightly disheveled vintage store. (and it was only $12!)




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skunkboy creatures.

instead of tackling my own list, i was perusing blogs and stumbled upon skunkboy creatures!  oh my, i love love love them!!  (after making zombie felties, i am totally impressed by the perfect stitching, fabric combinations & lovely details!)  if you absolutely must have one (or more), here is the etsy shop.  here are a few of my favorites.

elephant ornament


time keeps on slipping…

what a whirlwind it has been.  time can move painfully slow, and then before you know it, you are 7 months pregnant!  december is a big month.  in addition to the holiday, both frankie & ethan have birthdays.  frankie turned 2 on december 4th.

we had a pretty large gathering for her 1st birthday and i decided that this year we would keep it small & simple.  she gets christmas decorations as party decorations, so micah & i cut down a tree (in the backyard!), covered it in white lights and vintage glass balls.  the kids had a wonderful time decorating to vince guaraldi (charlie brown) and it was really funny to watch frankie ‘directing’ her brothers.

frankie was entranced by the lights & ornaments.

i love combining natural elements with retro christmas glitz.

i found these vintage light reflectors at a garage sale.  $5 for a huge box of them.

i love shiny brites!  i displayed these in a dessert stand.

being the youngest of 3, frankie already loves chocolate.  i made a huge cake and decorated it with glittery deer (craft store deer, spray fix & martha stewart glitter) and a sparkle flower.

frankie absolutely loved it.

she received some really thoughtful gifts.  a beautiful outfit (vintage 70’s pattern!) sewn by auntie jen and a hello kitty janome sewing machine from auntie sarah, to name a few.  her big gift from us was a kettler trike. we have been having a wonderful time exploring our neighborhood on these cold, crisp & sunny days.

she also got her first baby doll from auntie al & family.  she named her B and takes her wherever she goes now.  i love how gentle & nurturing frankie is.

it has really lifted my spirits to sit by the twinkling lights of the tree at night.  i love all my decorations…things collected over the years from estate sales or made by hand, like the felt garland sewn last year.  i am looking forward to celebrating ethan’s 11th birthday this sunday and spending a quiet holiday with my lovely family.


the room

frankie & the new baby will share a room and i have to admit that putting together a girl space has been really fun.  i switched the studio with F’s old room and painted the walls off white and a soft peachy orange above the moulding.  i spent one long afternoon doing faux bois on one wall.  it turned out really well and was incredibly inexpensive.  i tinted the glaze with a soft cappuccino color and the effect is lovely & subtle.

i found this fabric on ebay almost 10 years ago and it was the initial color inspiration. the combination is not for everyone, but i absolutely love it.  very liberty of london / anthropologie.

i was at an estate sale months ago and found this quilt.  it is perfect.  it is signed, made by mother / aug 31 / 1939.  i don’t think it was ever used.  i love all the vintage fabrics and the beautiful hand stitching.  it was only $25 and really complements the curtain fabric.  it also amazingly works well with the owl crib bedding i made for frankie before she was born.

i found a beat up, but very cool black shelf for $5 & painted it raspberry.  here is it before the paint job.

i kept seeing some lovely lantern/pom pom combinations on pinterest and decided that it was the perfect touch.  i found some really inexpensive lanterns & combined them with poms made out of tissue paper.  i found some picture shelves on craigslist for $10 and we created a book wall.  here is the room so far…

another view.  i love the way the painted shelf turned out.

detail of the shelf & faux bois wall.

frankie really loves the book wall.  we sit on the big bed and read books together before nap & bedtime.  she still sleeps in her crib, but will probably transition in the months before the baby arrives.

i absolutely love the flower/pom/lantern display!  the poms are really easy to make, but you can also buy them from an awesome portland girl at prost to the host.

it’s still a work in progress.  i found twin bed frames for $20 at a garage sale this summer, which i am sanding and painting raspberry (like the shelf).  i will store the second one for when the baby gets older.  we also found a vintage cabinet ($25!) from the 30’s at a garage sale.  it has a cupboard above and shelves below.  i am sanding it & painting it raspberry too.  i need to hang the bird mobile and some of the owl/woodland stuff from Frankie’s old room.  i have a great art idea that will be fun to work on with the boys over the holiday break.  all in all, this project has been really rejuvenating for me.  it’s nice to see your ideas come to fruition, especially for next to nothing!


vintage barkcloth bulletin board

i’ve been getting really tired of piles of papers on every single surface in our house. homework, articles, recipes, ultrasound pics, unpaid bills…

my happy, sunny thursday solution?  $4 in homasote, $2 scrap of vintage barkcloth, a borrowed stapler (mine is lost in the jungle we call ‘the garage’) and only 20 minutes!

beautiful, functional and totally cheap bulletin board for our hallway.