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first day in paradise

kauai is so beautiful! unbelievably beautiful.  the weather here fluctuates dramatically, unleashing quick, torrential downpours and then being stunningly bright & sunny.  our house is called ahe lani and is lovely.  it is situated on a beautiful property with palm trees and a luscious garden.

our house is right next to baby beach.  this beach is protected by a reef and perfect for the kids.  we snorkeled there and saw many beautiful, brightly colored fish.  the sunset is extraordinary!

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on a jet plane…

we have been planning a trip to hawaii for a few months.  we settled on the beautiful island of kauai and the day of departure finally arrived!  the boys were very good on the long plane ride.  i thought that frankie would fall asleep on the plane…but no.  frankie was in good spirits, but didn’t sleep all day!

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pause please

ever since we moved to the new house, we love going to pause.  it’s this great diner on n. interstate that is perfect for those rainy evenings when you don’t feel like cooking and everyone is really hungry.  thank you elsa, for recommending such a great place for our family!

micah eating ethan’s face off.  he was really hungry.

beer anyone?

aidan being adorable.  this is how we love him.

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trick or treating

halloween fell on a sunday, so we headed out early.  we had some delicious pumpkin soup and a wonderful time with our friends. (sarah & family and gretchen & family) here is frankie in her first costume ever.  cute ass flower gnome.

both boys as dr. horrible and the lovely gnome.

ethan holding his sister (melt your heart!)

hunter as a very convincing zombie.

frankie scoring her very first halloween candy.  she figured it out pretty quick.

aidan having an ‘oh great’ moment.

zombie attack!!! (gray & hunter as zombies, ethan & aidan representing dr. horrible)

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john & yoko (snooki & benny andersson?)

dressing up for halloween was a little stressful for me this year.  i was thinking so much about our upcoming trip to kauai that costumes for micah & i seemed daunting.  we ended up staying with a music theme (last time it was simon & garfunkel) and went as john & yoko. we left  the kiddos with kathryn (our amazing babysitter!) and started out the evening at jen & todd’s party.  we met up with a rabbit & a fox.

andrea was dressed as yoko too.  she looked amazing and very convincing.

michael looked awesome!  at some point in the night, i took off the glasses and changed character. (snooki?)

next we headed across town to carolyn’s halloween bash.  here she is looking radiant.

maya, holly, carolyn & andrea.

my favorite picture of the night is our john & yoko bathroom mirror art shot.

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maya wears a tiara

my friend sarah is amazing.  she organized an evening out for the ladies to celebrate my impending wedding.  first we had dinner at the screen door, then we went to tony starlight’s to listen to the sweet & smooth sounds of the 70’s.  kristy drove up from eugene and we got dolled up in our retro gear.  i found an awesome dress at bombshell vintage on burnside.  topped it off with some extremely uncomfortable boots i scored at st vincent’s years ago, peacock earrings i made and jewelry from kristy’s grandma.  here is a picture of alison, myself and sarah at tony’s.

The ladies

here is a choice shot of sarah and i.  note the peacock earrings and my magnificent bachelorette tiara.  the bronze belt is pretty sweet too.

we just got a new camera (panasonic lumix fz100) and most of the time it takes amazing pictures with very little effort.  this shot is distorted and i love it.

we topped off the evening with some really bad karaoke at the ambassador.  teresa sang white trash wedding and won pork skins & a miller high life!

we had a wonderful time!  (i must add that this was my first night away from the baby and micah was a sweetheart to watch her!)  here is a picture of them when i got home.