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two little coats

months ago i started some coats for frankie and finally completed them. (thanks to my awesome friend jen, who came to visit a few weeks ago & nested with me!!)

for the first one i used a pattern from handmade beginnings by anna maria horner.  i decided that with a few simple adjustments it could also be reversible.  i love the bird print, the pieced hood & large vintage button.  frankie's jacket 1frankie's jacket detailit was really simple to make it reversible and i think the lining fabric by joel dewberry is lovely.frankie's jacket - reversiblefor the second coat i used a heidi & finn downloadable pattern from etsy.  i love her patterns…they are simple, modern and easily modified.  (i absolutely adore the modern cowl dress that i made for frankie too!)

i used a great goldenrod polka dot by riley blake and lotus by amy butler.  again, it was simple to make reversible and the vintage buttons look fantastic!sweet pea coat 1sweet pea coat detail 1sweet pea coat 2sweet pea coat detail


time keeps on slipping…

what a whirlwind it has been.  time can move painfully slow, and then before you know it, you are 7 months pregnant!  december is a big month.  in addition to the holiday, both frankie & ethan have birthdays.  frankie turned 2 on december 4th.

we had a pretty large gathering for her 1st birthday and i decided that this year we would keep it small & simple.  she gets christmas decorations as party decorations, so micah & i cut down a tree (in the backyard!), covered it in white lights and vintage glass balls.  the kids had a wonderful time decorating to vince guaraldi (charlie brown) and it was really funny to watch frankie ‘directing’ her brothers.

frankie was entranced by the lights & ornaments.

i love combining natural elements with retro christmas glitz.

i found these vintage light reflectors at a garage sale.  $5 for a huge box of them.

i love shiny brites!  i displayed these in a dessert stand.

being the youngest of 3, frankie already loves chocolate.  i made a huge cake and decorated it with glittery deer (craft store deer, spray fix & martha stewart glitter) and a sparkle flower.

frankie absolutely loved it.

she received some really thoughtful gifts.  a beautiful outfit (vintage 70’s pattern!) sewn by auntie jen and a hello kitty janome sewing machine from auntie sarah, to name a few.  her big gift from us was a kettler trike. we have been having a wonderful time exploring our neighborhood on these cold, crisp & sunny days.

she also got her first baby doll from auntie al & family.  she named her B and takes her wherever she goes now.  i love how gentle & nurturing frankie is.

it has really lifted my spirits to sit by the twinkling lights of the tree at night.  i love all my decorations…things collected over the years from estate sales or made by hand, like the felt garland sewn last year.  i am looking forward to celebrating ethan’s 11th birthday this sunday and spending a quiet holiday with my lovely family.

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In the moment…

I have been struggling with being in the moment.  The last few months have been really difficult and it almost seems easier to be negative.  This way, when I receive bad news (or mail), it’s expected and I don’t have to experience an emotional tumble.  Years ago when I divorced, I refinanced the house in Eugene…it not only seemed like a good idea, but the only option. The boys were so young and the thought of not having a stable environment for them was devastating.  Little did I know that I would find a relationship (and now marriage) and life in another city.  The years of renting the house were challenging, but the situation I face now is unbearable.  With the fall of the market, my house has dropped significantly in value…I have been unable to rent it.  The only option now is to put it on the market and hope for the best.  And hoping for the best is a stretch for me right now.

I try to remind myself that some of the toughest moments of my life were the greatest opportunities for growth & also creativity.  I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband (we just had our 1st anniversary, or 21st if you count our Church of Elvis wedding at 15) and three amazing children. Frankie is currently sitting on the vintage green couch and drawing very small people in her sketchbook.  I am trying to fight the urge to dwell in fear, as there is so much beauty surrounding us.  Today I have an OB appointment and look forward to sound of our new child’s beating heart.  I’ve been working on creating a space for the girls and it is very therapeutic to do simple, productive things…paint walls, fold laundry, rake leaves.

I will try, if only for a moment, to be present in this beautiful life.


happy hunting!

when i was younger i worked in many a thrift & vintage store and loved being able to snag the good items up first.  now that i have three kids (and one on the way), its a bit more challenging to go into small thrift/vintage stores & peruse garage/estate sales, but i still love to try.  over the past two weeks i have explored some new places & some old haunts.

sarah & i (and her mom) had a great time exploring the hidden gems in salem. first up, a really cool, super large, retro shortening can (perfect for my kitchen!):

a vintage lid, for my collection.(.25)  this will look great in my bedroom or studio:

i am in love with this yellow lamp.  it was only $6.  i am on the hunt for the perfect shade now:

i had to go to eugene last monday.  i got to spend part of the day with my friend jen (bits of envy) and we hit one of my favorite places, the awesome st vincent’s.  i found a beautiful vintage necklace.  it looks great with my grayling earrings and was only $5.99!

i have been really watching my money lately and i was elated to find boots!!  here are the vintage charles david in two tone brown leather & suede. ($15)

an amazing black leather boot, made in italy! ($10)

yesterday, micah & i went to garage & estate sales in portland.  i found a kelly green wool scarf for half off ($2).  i can’t wait to wear it with my black wool coat & new black boots!

beautiful vintage bowl for our eggs.  half off too, so $7.

we also found a stainless toaster/convection oven for $20, a Tokyo Giants cap for $1(and three other baseball cap finds) and a red vintage metal chair for Frankie’s room for $5.  it was so nice to explore portland and have a quiet, lazy day (and inexpensive too!) together. happy hunting!

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the great westwind extravaganza

this was our third year at westwind.  the first year i was newly pregnant, feeling ill & fragile.  the second year frankie was incredibly needy & aidan was having breakdowns every 30 seconds.  this year was truly amazing.  micah and i traded franks back and forth seamlessly, aidan had an emotionally even experience and ethan i saw only briefly during meals.  sarah, alison, teresa and i hiked up to high meadow on saturday.  my awesome ladies watched frankie for me on sunday so i could hike cascade head child free!  all in all we enjoyed ourselves immensely and i look forward to next year! a very special thank you to steve.