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rug therapy

on new year’s day, i put away all the christmas decorations and cleaned the house furiously, ready to start 2013 with a fresh environment & perspective.  i  rearranged the front room, to better accommodate the really cool, giant mod bean bags the boys received for christmas.  it looked fantastic, although the room was screaming for a modern shag rug to complement the mid century look.  so, i started looking at rugs.  i must admit that it became a bit of an obsession, fueled even more by my lack of funds to purchase one.  while perusing pictures of rugs i could never afford, i stumbled upon a fantastic tutorial for making your own at xoelle.  and so it began…

i decided to make a 5′ x 5′ rug and purchased 2 pieces of 36″ x 60″ rug canvas on amazon for $13 each.  i needed about 100 cotton tees to make this rug and procured them all for free.  the rug on the tutorial was all one color and i wanted to have slightly different shades.  most of the tees were white or light in color, but i had a bunch of bright orange too.  first, i cut the ribbed collars, sleeves and hem off of all the shirts.  next, i dyed the tees in small batches, trying to group the tees by color.  i used idye by jacquard and was really pleased with the results.  for the lighter colored shirts, i used two different grays, gunmetal & silver gray. for the batch of bright orange shirts, i used the royal blue to create gray.  this batch was difficult and i ended up over-dyeing in silver gray to get the final color i wanted.  all in all, i ended up with a range of 5 different shades.  i then started on the arduous task of cutting all the dyed material into 1″ x 4″ strips.  i worked on it a few hours a day and it took several weeks.

dyed fabric

cutting strips

all the strips

finally, it was time to start actually making the rug.  i found a vintage rug hook for $1 and got to work!

rug hook

the first 5′ row took me an hour.  now, i can get a row done in 30 minutes.  with over 200 rows, it will take about 100 hours to complete the rug. here’s my progress so far…

first row

a few rows down

the back


25 rows and counting

i think it is going to look and feel amazing when it is finally done!  it’s very calming to work on and i am using it as my new form of therapy in 2013.  i’ll post a picture when it’s complete!

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the ladies

hooray!  frankie and i said hello to our chickens this morning and were pleasantly greeted by three perfect eggs.  i guess the girls are back in business! three brown eggsmicah & i built the coop together when i was pregnant with frankie…and then we moved it to our new house the following spring on a flat bed!  here are a few pictures…my hair is so short and aidan looks so little!coop buildingaidan & micahhere’s our coop now…a bit worn in, but well loved.our coopour girls started out much smaller too…simone (black australorp), phoebe (barred plymouth rock) and ginger (rhode island red).the ladieshere they are now.  phoebe is the queen, simone is not very nice & ginger is sweet, but a bit scrawny.  they all lay really pretty shades of brown eggs.the ladiesphoebesimone

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kitchen window

the new year is inspiring.  i am truly excited to create new goals, start new projects and have new experiences.  i keep thinking of the changes i want to implement, the pieces i want to sew & the techniques i have yet to try.

i am so motivated, yet my big commitment to 2012 is to slow down, be more focused and to appreciate the wonderful people & things that already surround me.

in honor of this intention, here is something simple in my life that has no need for change…my kitchen window.  i love this growing collection of vintage bottles…the colors are fantastic and always make me smile when i’m cooking or just passing through.  yes.

kitchen window

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i’ve been searching for the perfect thing to bring a little DIY holiday sparkle to my front windows.  i love to look at all the beautiful fabric, yarns & notions at purl soho and found an amazing pattern for a wool felt star listed in their project center, purl bee.  i knew immediately that this is what i wanted to make.  i used ecru wool felt and a beautiful white gold metallic embroidery thread to create these amazing three dimensional stars.  they turned out really lovely and look fabulous hanging in the window!  if you want to make your own, click here for the tutorial.


the room

frankie & the new baby will share a room and i have to admit that putting together a girl space has been really fun.  i switched the studio with F’s old room and painted the walls off white and a soft peachy orange above the moulding.  i spent one long afternoon doing faux bois on one wall.  it turned out really well and was incredibly inexpensive.  i tinted the glaze with a soft cappuccino color and the effect is lovely & subtle.

i found this fabric on ebay almost 10 years ago and it was the initial color inspiration. the combination is not for everyone, but i absolutely love it.  very liberty of london / anthropologie.

i was at an estate sale months ago and found this quilt.  it is perfect.  it is signed, made by mother / aug 31 / 1939.  i don’t think it was ever used.  i love all the vintage fabrics and the beautiful hand stitching.  it was only $25 and really complements the curtain fabric.  it also amazingly works well with the owl crib bedding i made for frankie before she was born.

i found a beat up, but very cool black shelf for $5 & painted it raspberry.  here is it before the paint job.

i kept seeing some lovely lantern/pom pom combinations on pinterest and decided that it was the perfect touch.  i found some really inexpensive lanterns & combined them with poms made out of tissue paper.  i found some picture shelves on craigslist for $10 and we created a book wall.  here is the room so far…

another view.  i love the way the painted shelf turned out.

detail of the shelf & faux bois wall.

frankie really loves the book wall.  we sit on the big bed and read books together before nap & bedtime.  she still sleeps in her crib, but will probably transition in the months before the baby arrives.

i absolutely love the flower/pom/lantern display!  the poms are really easy to make, but you can also buy them from an awesome portland girl at prost to the host.

it’s still a work in progress.  i found twin bed frames for $20 at a garage sale this summer, which i am sanding and painting raspberry (like the shelf).  i will store the second one for when the baby gets older.  we also found a vintage cabinet ($25!) from the 30’s at a garage sale.  it has a cupboard above and shelves below.  i am sanding it & painting it raspberry too.  i need to hang the bird mobile and some of the owl/woodland stuff from Frankie’s old room.  i have a great art idea that will be fun to work on with the boys over the holiday break.  all in all, this project has been really rejuvenating for me.  it’s nice to see your ideas come to fruition, especially for next to nothing!


vintage barkcloth bulletin board

i’ve been getting really tired of piles of papers on every single surface in our house. homework, articles, recipes, ultrasound pics, unpaid bills…

my happy, sunny thursday solution?  $4 in homasote, $2 scrap of vintage barkcloth, a borrowed stapler (mine is lost in the jungle we call ‘the garage’) and only 20 minutes!

beautiful, functional and totally cheap bulletin board for our hallway.