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Dr. Horrible, part two

the kids really loved their costumes.  i turned two men’s white shirts into their lab coats, sewing on the necessary patch & white buttons on the side.  i got the goggles on ebay and then painted them silver.  my favorite part was covering their rain boots in white duct tape.  we wrapped up the costume with kid gardening gloves not so successfully spray painted white.  aidan couldn’t help but sing his favorite songs.

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auction flutters

when the alarm went off this morning, i didn’t listen.  i was startled awake by micah’s alarm, which meant that i was in for a rushed morning.  i stumbled into the shower, fed the kids, jumped in the car and realized as i drove across town that i had failed to have my cup of joe.  oh man, it was rough.  i met up with the ladies an we started to work on the 2011 auction blog.  after a long day, i think it looks pretty darn good.

there are so many details to consider, but working on something visual & creative is always the best.  i dream of plastic bottle flowers and can barely wait to eat from a food cart at the plant.  sweet.

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the sun escaped and black clouds are hovering on the horizon.  i can’t quite get in step.  the only thing that has made sense this week is tennis.  i should apply the same principles to my relationships.  the baby just fell asleep and yet i am having a hard time motivating myself.  i have a long list to tackle, from the menial (laundry, dishes, bills) to the sublime (wedding dress, linen anthropologie-like shirt, painting).  grey day, overcast spirits.  i can hardly wait for the technicolor explosion of hawaii. two weeks till bliss.

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sometimes it stings

today started out rough.  frankie kept us up most of the night and the morning routine is challenging even with a good night of sleep.  it gradually improved…i played tennis at irving park and found time to sew a quick outfit for franks.  i modified a modkid pattern by patty young to fit a 12 month old.  the outfit is simply perfect and i look forward to making her another one soon.  tomorrow i tackle the wedding dress!