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a little bit of vintage holiday cheer.


a few weeks ago, my friend elena gifted me a huge lot of vintage patterns.  i’ve been trying to stay focused on my long list of handmade gifts (& daily chores), but we attend an annual holiday party & i figured it was the perfect excuse to sew something for my girl!  i had a very small piece of vintage holly fabric & decided upon one of the dress patterns that needed the least amount of fabric.

i serged most of the seams & used some leftover red flannel for the facing, which i attached by sewing machine.

i had a thrifted red zipper that worked perfectly.  (if you hate sewing zippers, my friend jennifer at creating bits of envy has a great tutorial for sewing in a perfect zipper)

i top stitched in red across the bodice, neckline, arm holes & zipper.  i had some pretty red bias tape left over from a previous project & finished the hem with it.

it came together in about an hour, cost less than $3 & i absolutely love it!

i made a quick headband, using the fabric & a vintage button to create a flower.  here’s frankie, all decked out & ready for our holiday party! (she was a little grumpy for these pictures, but the dress looks cute…i ended up giving her a cookie, so she smiled for the last one!)

sweet, smiling cookie face!


2 thoughts on “a little bit of vintage holiday cheer.

  1. Oooohhhh! The fabric! Can you hear my gasp!!?! And of course my Sassy’s face is priceless… if we can get her to wear headbands now, maybe we could use a little sweat shop time to make a couple… there’s a folded flower technique I’ve been wanting to try….

  2. I am reminded of yesteryear and another little girl by the Christmas tree.

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