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the dress

I just finished sewing myself a dress!  I haven’t felt the desire to sew for myself in a long time. Mainly because my body has changed so much in the last 4 years, being pregnant twice and nursing.  I have also been so busy designing and sewing for Frankie & Coco PDX that I haven’t had much time.  I have been saving 3 yards of the most beautiful vintage silk print, given to me years ago by my dear friend Jen.  She has a remarkable eye, is a fantastic seamstress & knitter and inspires me daily.  You can check out her projects at Creating Bits of Envy.

I decided to use a Simplicity pattern and switched a few things to make it more my own.  I was nervous to cut into this fabric, but I’m so glad I did!  It turned out really lovely and fits perfectly.  I will have to post a picture of myself wearing it eventually.  I absolutely love the pleated sleeves and that it has pockets!

silk dress

silk dress necklinesilk dress sleeve



a little bit of vintage holiday cheer.

a few weeks ago, my friend elena gifted me a huge lot of vintage patterns.  i’ve been trying to stay focused on my long list of handmade gifts (& daily chores), but we attend an annual holiday party & i figured it was the perfect excuse to sew something for my girl!  i had a very small piece of vintage holly fabric & decided upon one of the dress patterns that needed the least amount of fabric.

i serged most of the seams & used some leftover red flannel for the facing, which i attached by sewing machine.

i had a thrifted red zipper that worked perfectly.  (if you hate sewing zippers, my friend jennifer at creating bits of envy has a great tutorial for sewing in a perfect zipper)

i top stitched in red across the bodice, neckline, arm holes & zipper.  i had some pretty red bias tape left over from a previous project & finished the hem with it.

it came together in about an hour, cost less than $3 & i absolutely love it!

i made a quick headband, using the fabric & a vintage button to create a flower.  here’s frankie, all decked out & ready for our holiday party! (she was a little grumpy for these pictures, but the dress looks cute…i ended up giving her a cookie, so she smiled for the last one!)

sweet, smiling cookie face!