maya mori

in the midst…

Day 5


The hardest part of this challenge for me is keeping up with the posting! On Friday, Day 5 of KCWC, I finished a chartreuse linen bubble skirt for Frankie. It is lisette pattern 0410. The trim matches the ruffled bird shirt. I love it! There was no school on Friday, so it was tough to squeeze an hour of sewing in. My older boys were super helpful with the baby and in addition to this skirt, we managed to get homework, games and music practice in too. Frankie wasn’t that helpful, but she sure looks cute in her new outfit!




2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. i’m utterly impressed. so many cute clothes in such a short amount of time! and i love all of your fabrics. you’re amazing.

  2. Beautifully conceived—fabric, color, design.
    She looks so much like you, spanning distance and time.

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