maya mori

in the midst…


time keeps on slipping…

what a whirlwind it has been.  time can move painfully slow, and then before you know it, you are 7 months pregnant!  december is a big month.  in addition to the holiday, both frankie & ethan have birthdays.  frankie turned 2 on december 4th.

we had a pretty large gathering for her 1st birthday and i decided that this year we would keep it small & simple.  she gets christmas decorations as party decorations, so micah & i cut down a tree (in the backyard!), covered it in white lights and vintage glass balls.  the kids had a wonderful time decorating to vince guaraldi (charlie brown) and it was really funny to watch frankie ‘directing’ her brothers.

frankie was entranced by the lights & ornaments.

i love combining natural elements with retro christmas glitz.

i found these vintage light reflectors at a garage sale.  $5 for a huge box of them.

i love shiny brites!  i displayed these in a dessert stand.

being the youngest of 3, frankie already loves chocolate.  i made a huge cake and decorated it with glittery deer (craft store deer, spray fix & martha stewart glitter) and a sparkle flower.

frankie absolutely loved it.

she received some really thoughtful gifts.  a beautiful outfit (vintage 70’s pattern!) sewn by auntie jen and a hello kitty janome sewing machine from auntie sarah, to name a few.  her big gift from us was a kettler trike. we have been having a wonderful time exploring our neighborhood on these cold, crisp & sunny days.

she also got her first baby doll from auntie al & family.  she named her B and takes her wherever she goes now.  i love how gentle & nurturing frankie is.

it has really lifted my spirits to sit by the twinkling lights of the tree at night.  i love all my decorations…things collected over the years from estate sales or made by hand, like the felt garland sewn last year.  i am looking forward to celebrating ethan’s 11th birthday this sunday and spending a quiet holiday with my lovely family.