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Busy, busy bee…

So, since KCW finished up, i haven’t posted a damn thing.  I’ve been working like crazy on my next endeavor…Frankie & Coco PDX!  My dear friend Sarah and I have launched a new little shop, specializing in beautiful, yet quirky items for women (mainly).  We are inspired by color, texture, vintage details and organic elements. The merging of our two distinct styles adds something unexpected to our designs and everything is crafted by hand and one-of-a-kind; functional and beautiful, with a twist.  We really enjoy combining modern functionality with unique, vintage elements found on our frequent scavenger hunts…vintage zippers, buttons, fabric, etc.  It’s exciting to come across truly unique items and integrate them into our design vision.  So far the journey has been great, but the real Frankie & Coco keep it interesting.  Designing & sewing with a 3 and a 1 year old is challenging at best.

Here’s a sampling of the new wares.

f&c foldover ikat clutch

f&c infinity scarf

f&c foldover clutchf&c toiletry / cosmetic bagf&c voile infinity scarf



my herringbone cowl.

i am not a skilled knitter.  years ago, i learned the basics and made a dozen simple scarves for people.  i got really excited about knitting and started a more complicated project…unfortunately it took me five years to complete.  recently i saw a beautiful herringbone cowl on purl bee and decided that i would try to make it.  i had picked up several silk/wool skeins at the st. vincent’s in eugene (only $1 per skein!!) and i used a fabric depot 40% coupon to get the circular needles.  i had never knit in the round before and the stitch was new too.  i ended up making a few mistakes, but i feel like it turned out great & i am a much more relaxed knitter now.herringbone cowlherringbone cowl