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halloween 2012 – the girls

frankie asked to be a flower fairy for halloween and also decided that coco should be a ‘mini fairy’. i made frankie’s costume and scored a brand new tinkerbell costume for coco on craigslist for $5…3 out of 4 homemade costumes is pretty good!





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halloween 2012 – the boys

finished the costumes for the boys last night. aidan is dr.horrible again…sporting the red costume this time. I used an adult button down shirt to sew his lab coat and we ordered goggles off of ebay.


Ethan asked me to make him a “gentleman of science/steampunk” costume. We ordered the goggles and I made the vest & cape. Everything else we had in our house.




the flower fairy

participating in the kcwc a few weeks ago inspired me to keep sewing! my daughter really loves a book she received from her nana, flower fairies of the winter, and asked to be a flower fairy for halloween.

i used the emma modkid pattern and various fabrics & notions i had already. i used a bright green silk dupioni for the bodice and added vintage lace & buttons. the petals/leaves on the shirt are soft green voile and the petals for the skirt are alternating pink voile & a light white seersucker.




frankie loves her costume! now, i’m ready to tackle aidan’s red dr. horrible costume and ethan’s steampunk striped vest.



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i absolutely love going to kruger’s farm on sauvie island. we often go in the summer months to wander about, pick (and eat) berries and languish under the giant old oak tree.

our annual trip in the fall to the pumpkin patch has become a tradition our entire family looks forward to. this year was coco’s first time. we rode the hayride out to the patch, picked out our favorite pumpkins, explored the giant corn maze, ate homemade corn dogs, wood fired pizza, roasted ears of corn and delicious caramel apples! micah and i enjoyed some pints by captured by porches too. we were ready for a thunderstorm at any moment, but it waited until later that night. all in all, it was a perfect family day, complete with wild flowers, live bluegrass and sunshine!










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a bit late, but here it is…

when we lived in eugene, we always went to the pumpkin patch at thistledown farms with the douglass family. we have a lot of great memories from those days.  here are a few pictures from back in the day.  ethan, violet & noah must be around 3 and 4 years old.

maya & jen

in portland our tradition has been to go with the stephens family to the pumpkin patch at sauvie island.  here is a photo from our first year with them in 2008.

this year was fantastic, eating roasted ears of corn (dipped in butter!), exploring the corn maze and hunting for the perfect pumpkin.  i am only 20 weeks pregnant here, but i look like i might pop.

frankie started out the trip asleep…

and woke up in a bad mood…

and kept crying for the group shot too.  i can’t believe how much the kids have grown in 3 years!

very cool tractor shot.

we jumped on the hay ride and ventured into the fields.  ethan & poppi.

frankie finally stopped crying and started looking for the perfect pumpkin.

grayson in the field.

aidan being himself.

hunter & ethan on the hay ride back.

sarah found a big one.

all in all, it was a wonderful afternoon!  bryn & maya.

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trick or treating

halloween fell on a sunday, so we headed out early.  we had some delicious pumpkin soup and a wonderful time with our friends. (sarah & family and gretchen & family) here is frankie in her first costume ever.  cute ass flower gnome.

both boys as dr. horrible and the lovely gnome.

ethan holding his sister (melt your heart!)

hunter as a very convincing zombie.

frankie scoring her very first halloween candy.  she figured it out pretty quick.

aidan having an ‘oh great’ moment.

zombie attack!!! (gray & hunter as zombies, ethan & aidan representing dr. horrible)

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john & yoko (snooki & benny andersson?)

dressing up for halloween was a little stressful for me this year.  i was thinking so much about our upcoming trip to kauai that costumes for micah & i seemed daunting.  we ended up staying with a music theme (last time it was simon & garfunkel) and went as john & yoko. we left  the kiddos with kathryn (our amazing babysitter!) and started out the evening at jen & todd’s party.  we met up with a rabbit & a fox.

andrea was dressed as yoko too.  she looked amazing and very convincing.

michael looked awesome!  at some point in the night, i took off the glasses and changed character. (snooki?)

next we headed across town to carolyn’s halloween bash.  here she is looking radiant.

maya, holly, carolyn & andrea.

my favorite picture of the night is our john & yoko bathroom mirror art shot.