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Happy birthday to my lovely, strong, amazing, curious, beautiful daughter, Colette Gaelle!  She was definitely a surprise 2+ years ago…I had a difficult time after I discovered I was pregnant.  I absolutely cannot imagine my life without her and I am so thankful that we are graced by her unique personality & determined spirit.  It is really special to see her strong connection to her siblings, especially the bond she has with Frankie.  I always wanted a sister and I am touched to see their love for one another.

frankie and coco

frankie & coco 2014


sizzle pie

now that the holiday frenzy has died down, we are starting to get truly relaxed.  we’ve slowed down, slept in (a bit) and a few days ago we stepped out & down the street to sizzle pie for a slice.  the boys were with family, so i captured some sweet father / daughter moments.