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KCW / Spring 2013 / Day Two

Yikes!  Tuesday was so busy, I barely finished the dress.  The skirt came together pretty easily and the pleating looks really great.  I hand finished the neck and sleeves and then was so tired that I decided to roll hem the bottom on the serger.  Frankie woke up this morning and was delighted!  After dropping off her older brothers at school, we came home and had a little photo shoot.KCW Spring 2013 - Frankie Dress

KCW Day 2 - Frankie Dress

KCW Spring 2013 - Frankie Dress

KCW Spring 2013 - Frankie Dress

KCW Spring 2013 - Frankie DressKCW Spring 2013 - Frankie Dress



Creative Therapy…Day 1

For some reason KCWC (Kids Clothes Week Challenge) always arrives at the worst time for me. Instead of letting it pass me by, I decided to embrace the chaos and utilize the challenge as creative therapy. Life has been trying at best lately, but I love to sew…and I really love to sew for my kids. For information on KCWC, click here.

On Sunday night, I traced some Modkid patterns. They come printed on thick paper, so I trace the size I need and then I can reuse it in a different size.

So, with my Sunday evening jump start, I spent my hour on Day One cutting out. Two Modkid Frida dresses, one in warm tones & one in cool tones.




Two cute ruffled tops by Lisette (0410) One in a cute owl print and the other in a mod bird print.

I also cut out another Lisette pattern (0409) in a kitschy print with red polka dot piping.

I actually had a few more things I wanted to cut out, but I think I need to start sewing. If I have time later, I want to cut out the Modkid Kyoko pattern.

A big thank you to my friend Jennifer, who inspired me to do this. Check out her KCWC progress at Creating Bits of Envy!

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challenge 7

in june my friend sarah challenged me (and a few others) to lose 7 pounds in 7 weeks. coco had just turned 4 months & it seemed like a perfect time to get in shape.  since then i have been running 10-15 miles per week, using a jillian michael’s dvd (ripped in 30!), playing tennis and tracking my meals on the livestrong app.  the challenge ended last week and i lost 10 pounds!  i feel great and i think i look different too.  tracking my food was really helpful.  the biggest surprise is that i didn’t feel deprived at all.  i feel really fortunate to have such a good friend to encourage me and i absolutely couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of my husband (and his great cooking)!

here are some of the yummy (and healthy) dinners we have made together.

salmon tacos with corn tortillas, black beans & cabbage slaw (cilantro, onion & lime too)salmon tacos

lemon garlic chicken kebabs, garlicky baby bok choy and brown ricekebabs

cannellini-bean nicoise salad (red potato, green beans, tomato, egg, greens & tuna)nicoise

turkey wrap (greens, turkey, apple, ricotta, aardvark sauce) & mediterranean quinoa saladwrap & salad

chickpea & radish salad with peppered beefchickpea salad