maya mori

in the midst…

the flower fairy


participating in the kcwc a few weeks ago inspired me to keep sewing! my daughter really loves a book she received from her nana, flower fairies of the winter, and asked to be a flower fairy for halloween.

i used the emma modkid pattern and various fabrics & notions i had already. i used a bright green silk dupioni for the bodice and added vintage lace & buttons. the petals/leaves on the shirt are soft green voile and the petals for the skirt are alternating pink voile & a light white seersucker.




frankie loves her costume! now, i’m ready to tackle aidan’s red dr. horrible costume and ethan’s steampunk striped vest.




3 thoughts on “the flower fairy

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  2. I’d love to include this in our 13 days of Modkid Halloween. Would it be okay with you?

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