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challenge 7

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in june my friend sarah challenged me (and a few others) to lose 7 pounds in 7 weeks. coco had just turned 4 months & it seemed like a perfect time to get in shape.  since then i have been running 10-15 miles per week, using a jillian michael’s dvd (ripped in 30!), playing tennis and tracking my meals on the livestrong app.  the challenge ended last week and i lost 10 pounds!  i feel great and i think i look different too.  tracking my food was really helpful.  the biggest surprise is that i didn’t feel deprived at all.  i feel really fortunate to have such a good friend to encourage me and i absolutely couldn’t have accomplished this without the support of my husband (and his great cooking)!

here are some of the yummy (and healthy) dinners we have made together.

salmon tacos with corn tortillas, black beans & cabbage slaw (cilantro, onion & lime too)salmon tacos

lemon garlic chicken kebabs, garlicky baby bok choy and brown ricekebabs

cannellini-bean nicoise salad (red potato, green beans, tomato, egg, greens & tuna)nicoise

turkey wrap (greens, turkey, apple, ricotta, aardvark sauce) & mediterranean quinoa saladwrap & salad

chickpea & radish salad with peppered beefchickpea salad


One thought on “challenge 7

  1. those all look so delicious! congratulations – you make it sound easy 🙂

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