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running for cow pies


today was really lovely.  micah took the boys to school and i was able to catch some extra sleep with coco until frankie woke up at around 8:30.  we had some coffee, ate a bit of breakfast and then built a huge tower with blocks.

frankie & i stretched for 20 minutes and then we all three went on a run.  it was my first time running with the chariot cougar (thank you friends & family!) and it was pretty smooth (considering that the girls are 40 extra pounds)  we ran 3.51 miles through irvington.  not too shabby.  i need to make some invigorating playlists for future runs…love the avett brothers, but not great for running!  moments after we returned home it dumped rain, so we felt pretty lucky.

frankie took a short snooze after lunch and coco & i decided to make cookies for the boys.  i remembered seeing a great recipe on stir & stitch for cow pie cookies (thin, buttery chocolate chip cookies).  an hour later they were ready to sample.  yum.  after running, i didn’t even feel guilty.cow pie cookies (compliments of stir & stitch)


2 thoughts on “running for cow pies

  1. it looks like they turned out deliciously!
    i had a great run this afternoon, too, but it wasn’t followed by cookies 😦

  2. They were delish! Thanks for the recipe. 😉

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