maya mori

in the midst…

the ladies

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hooray!  frankie and i said hello to our chickens this morning and were pleasantly greeted by three perfect eggs.  i guess the girls are back in business! three brown eggsmicah & i built the coop together when i was pregnant with frankie…and then we moved it to our new house the following spring on a flat bed!  here are a few pictures…my hair is so short and aidan looks so little!coop buildingaidan & micahhere’s our coop now…a bit worn in, but well loved.our coopour girls started out much smaller too…simone (black australorp), phoebe (barred plymouth rock) and ginger (rhode island red).the ladieshere they are now.  phoebe is the queen, simone is not very nice & ginger is sweet, but a bit scrawny.  they all lay really pretty shades of brown eggs.the ladiesphoebesimone


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