maya mori

in the midst…

two little coats


months ago i started some coats for frankie and finally completed them. (thanks to my awesome friend jen, who came to visit a few weeks ago & nested with me!!)

for the first one i used a pattern from handmade beginnings by anna maria horner.  i decided that with a few simple adjustments it could also be reversible.  i love the bird print, the pieced hood & large vintage button.  frankie's jacket 1frankie's jacket detailit was really simple to make it reversible and i think the lining fabric by joel dewberry is lovely.frankie's jacket - reversiblefor the second coat i used a heidi & finn downloadable pattern from etsy.  i love her patterns…they are simple, modern and easily modified.  (i absolutely adore the modern cowl dress that i made for frankie too!)

i used a great goldenrod polka dot by riley blake and lotus by amy butler.  again, it was simple to make reversible and the vintage buttons look fantastic!sweet pea coat 1sweet pea coat detail 1sweet pea coat 2sweet pea coat detail


2 thoughts on “two little coats

  1. adorable! i love your fabric combinations.

  2. such lovely coats! I love Heidi and Finn too.

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