maya mori

in the midst…

my herringbone cowl.


i am not a skilled knitter.  years ago, i learned the basics and made a dozen simple scarves for people.  i got really excited about knitting and started a more complicated project…unfortunately it took me five years to complete.  recently i saw a beautiful herringbone cowl on purl bee and decided that i would try to make it.  i had picked up several silk/wool skeins at the st. vincent’s in eugene (only $1 per skein!!) and i used a fabric depot 40% coupon to get the circular needles.  i had never knit in the round before and the stitch was new too.  i ended up making a few mistakes, but i feel like it turned out great & i am a much more relaxed knitter now.herringbone cowlherringbone cowl


2 thoughts on “my herringbone cowl.

  1. That is beautiful, Maya! I can still only make scarves….

  2. Yay! It’s done… looks great!

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