maya mori

in the midst…

yes, a teepee.

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my daughter recently turned two and for christmas i made her a teepee.  she has a great imagination & loves to organize her things.  i knew she would love having her own space!

years ago, i made a one for the boys, but at some point it was left out in the rainy yard.  i still had the old poles, so we spray painted them to look like new and i started sewing!  i used fabric that i had on hand, so the gift cost absolutely nothing.

it was quite a statement on christmas morning and i’ve been rewarded daily by watching her embrace her special space.  on a gray day it can get a bit dark inside, so i strung a small vintage chandelier inside…right above her wicker chair & basket of bears.

perfection!teepee 1teepee 2frankie & her teepee 1frankie & her teepee 2frankieteepee at night


One thought on “yes, a teepee.

  1. So precious! I love the fabric choice.

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