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zombie felties!


i am making the majority of my gifts this year and have been dying to post my projects…but most of them will have to wait until after they’ve been given.  one of the things that i made for the kids on my list is zombie felties.  i gave ethan this book by nicola tedman & sarah skeate last year and have had a great time getting creative with these mini creatures.

my friend sarah came over & we tackled the zombie kitty.  she made a black one & i made a white one.  everything is very small & intricate.  they look really nice together and i particularly like the contrasting stitches and bloody tails.

feeling pretty confident, we moved on to the original zombie.  i love how different they turn out depending on your felt & thread colors and bead / accessory choices.  i found the perfect bead & i love how his eye falls out.

i really wanted to make some for my friend jen’s kids.  i think they turned out awesome!  pirate zombie & fairy zombie.  they were much more complicated, especially the fairy wings…layers of netting with bloody embroidery.  the fairy crown also took a long time…winding wire & covering it with metallic embroidery thread.  all in all, it was a very fun and i feel much more confident about working on tiny projects now.  hopefully the kids will enjoy them too!


2 thoughts on “zombie felties!

  1. These are so gross! I adore them!!!! You are such a creative force of nature- the kids will LOVE these!

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