maya mori

in the midst…


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i am staring myself down today.  remembering choices and assigning blame.  i generally dwell in a place that forgives…where life experience is valued, despite the hardships endured.  today i am thinking about time passed and opportunities wasted, never realized.  i marvel at my own fear and wonder if this will be the year to break those bonds?  in many ways i have lived the unconventional life and yet now it just seems like a sad excuse, a way to glorify bad choices.  my neuroses are prolific. i am afraid of public expression, regardless of the form.  i am afraid of judgment.


One thought on “recognition.

  1. You are awesome. Prolific neuroses are part of the human condition. Don’t be hard on yourself.. I just want you to simplify your thoughts and go forward. I’ll do the same.

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