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i should be gardening…

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today i am in conflict.  i went on a 5 mile run this morning.  that felt great.  i took frankie to her 18 month check up and when i returned home she went down for a nap.  perfect, right?  i constantly struggle with being at home with my child.  i feel fortunate…so fortunate that i feel guilty 90% of the time.  when the boys were wee ones, i had a pet sitting business and i worked with them strapped to my back much of the day.  so, i constantly feel guilty…despite the fact that parenting all day (and a baby!) is super hard work.  anyhow, i had a list of things to do. 1) sewing projects 2) gardening (moving 2 yds of dirt from driveway to garden beds) 3) finishing chris guillebeau’s the art of non-conformity (totally awesome book, ironically about moving forward).  i spent the first hour of frankie’s nap checking my email (technically in the work category/all oya no kai, inc. crap) and then spent another wasted half hour thinking about the 3 things at the top of my list.  finally, in complete conflict, i turned to this.  writing about my conflict to avoid tasks at hand.  ahhh, i feel somewhat better now.  the baby just woke up, so i will leave with pictures of my garden…maybe that will motivate me.

Here are the garden beds we built a few weeks ago:

Here is a view from my studio:


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