maya mori

in the midst…

john & yoko (snooki & benny andersson?)

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dressing up for halloween was a little stressful for me this year.  i was thinking so much about our upcoming trip to kauai that costumes for micah & i seemed daunting.  we ended up staying with a music theme (last time it was simon & garfunkel) and went as john & yoko. we left  the kiddos with kathryn (our amazing babysitter!) and started out the evening at jen & todd’s party.  we met up with a rabbit & a fox.

andrea was dressed as yoko too.  she looked amazing and very convincing.

michael looked awesome!  at some point in the night, i took off the glasses and changed character. (snooki?)

next we headed across town to carolyn’s halloween bash.  here she is looking radiant.

maya, holly, carolyn & andrea.

my favorite picture of the night is our john & yoko bathroom mirror art shot.


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