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maya wears a tiara

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my friend sarah is amazing.  she organized an evening out for the ladies to celebrate my impending wedding.  first we had dinner at the screen door, then we went to tony starlight’s to listen to the sweet & smooth sounds of the 70’s.  kristy drove up from eugene and we got dolled up in our retro gear.  i found an awesome dress at bombshell vintage on burnside.  topped it off with some extremely uncomfortable boots i scored at st vincent’s years ago, peacock earrings i made and jewelry from kristy’s grandma.  here is a picture of alison, myself and sarah at tony’s.

The ladies

here is a choice shot of sarah and i.  note the peacock earrings and my magnificent bachelorette tiara.  the bronze belt is pretty sweet too.

we just got a new camera (panasonic lumix fz100) and most of the time it takes amazing pictures with very little effort.  this shot is distorted and i love it.

we topped off the evening with some really bad karaoke at the ambassador.  teresa sang white trash wedding and won pork skins & a miller high life!

we had a wonderful time!  (i must add that this was my first night away from the baby and micah was a sweetheart to watch her!)  here is a picture of them when i got home.


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